Best Bicycle Brands

Cycling is an age old sport and since many years, both the young and the matured person loves to cycle around. Some take it as a hobby while some indulge in it like a serious sport. Every kid’s favorite possession has always been his bicycle. Nothing can surpass the fun of cycling through narrow lanes and roads on your favorite bicycle with your best friends in an energetic race. Simply wow! Isn’t it? With the advancement in technology today we have a great number of companies that have brought to us the best bicycle brands that are hi-tech in every way and cycling on these advanced bicycles is a matter of fun, style and modernity. These bicycles offer to us a whole new aura of cycling and they are best meant for serious sporting.

There is no denying the fact that your cycle has always been your priced possession but with the passage of time it is likely that your age old bicycle needs a good upgrade. So, if you are planning on to go shopping to get a brand new bicycle of the best quality then this article will be of great help to you. From mind boggling features ranging from ultra light composite frames to electronic gear shifters to reimagined geometrics and aerodynamic shapes, here’s taking a look at some of the Best Bicycle Brands in town!

Best Bicycle BrandsSpecialized Tarmac mid Compact

This is indeed one of the best bicycle brands that you can think of buying if you want to hit the roads in style. The Specialized Tarmac Mid Compact brings to you a new level of carbon. It comes in a frame that went on to win the Tour of Flanders but one thing to note here is that this bicycle comes with a lower grade of components of Shimano Sora. This is mainly the reason for its relatively lower cost and so it is in easy reach of the ones who have a tight budget. In spite of all this, this one super fast bike that is excellent for racing, sharp handling and quick accelerations.

Cannondale CAAD10 5 105

Carbon frames are much in demand nowadays but it cannot be ignored that they are really very expensive. The Cannondale CAAD10 5 105 is a great alternative that comes in an aluminum frame. This one is stiffer as compared to carbon and offers you a smooth ride unlike the other aluminum bicycles. This gives you a perfect combo of both comfort and acceleration. Coming at a reasonable price, this bicycle is definitely a worthy mention in our list of the Best Bicycle Brands in town.

Bianchi Vertigo 105

The frame of the Bianchi Vertigo 105 with mid tier Shimano 105 components and is designed in such an excellent way that it offers a nicely relaxed geometry so that you enjoy great comfort on an all day long ride. This is also one of the best bicycle brands that are selling in the market like hot cakes. So, you can also take the dip and bring a Bianchi Vertigo 105 for an all new cycling experience.

Cervelo R3

If you are buying a Cervelo R3 then you are purchasing a classic hi-tech bicycle at a reasonable price, so all in all it will prove to be a smart investment. This one has Shimano 105 components and features the Smartwall technology of Cervelo that aims at redistributing the total weight of the material all around the frame for providing high rigidity and yet not adding extra amount of weight. This one is the best choice for sprinters.

Orbea BLi2

If you are searching for a superior quality road bike then rigidity and aerodynamics are the foremost features to look out for as they offer acceleration and speed. If these are your requirements then buy an Orbea BLi2 that is laced with proprietary AIZonE technology and this feature combines the two factors into one ideal shape of frame. This is indeed one of the best bicycle brands in town that will give you superfast rides that also with minimal input of energy. The first choice of most cycling freaks, the Orbea BLi2 is one trendy bicycle to check out for.

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