Buying the Right Bicycle

Steps on Buying the Right Bicycle

Decide which type of the bike you want or need

You have three main types of bicycles that you can choose when you try buying the right bicycle which are:

Road Bicycle – It is designed to ride at the speed on paved streets. Having a skinny tires, a riding position that puts you bent over the handlebars and a lightweight frame, this is just the bike if you like traveling on higher speeds going on long distances.

Hybrid Bicycle – A cross just between the mountain and road bike with all the best features of both. The best choice for you that get shorter trips on pavement. It has smooth, skinny tires that typically will go faster than any mountain bike, still setting the upright seat and handlebar position that for many people if looks more comfortable.

Mountain Bicycle – A typical bicycle for those adventurous people. Featuring wide tires, with a stout frame and knobby treads, that are all designed to handle riding on dirt, rugged trail and grass, without even falling apart. They cannot be that fast like hybrid bicycles and be impractical for urban regular riding, but are hard and offer you a comfortable position while riding.

Get a Bicycle

When you plan to buy a bicycle, before even doing it try to get a bicycle from your friends or a store and ride it for a time between 20-30 minutes, so this way you will see if you are comfortable with the way you sit on the particular type of bicycle and if the speed and the overall feeling is the right one for you.

 Visit a Local Bicycle Shop

Just like any other goods, bikes are the same: You take what you pay for. Some true chances are that you will not be that happy over a long rung with a budget bicycle from any department store. Usually they are heavy and their components will not last too long like they would last in a quality model bicycle. Perhaps, you will end up spending some money on a better bike that you should have bought just in the beginning.

But don’t forget, when buying online you should have more experience with bicycles in order to know better what you will get. When you go to buy in a local shop, their staff will give you two things that you can’t find in an online shop: Passion and Knowledge. They will always offer you some good advises, tips and after sales services.

Finally, we hope that we helped you to go for that bicycle that you can get. Times after, you will be happy that you did that!

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